Software Development

With globalization, to rival the competition and ultimately beat them is more difficult than ever. To be the best in the field you need to innovate continuously - to interact and engage with the market - and to improve performance, which will lead to greater market share and success. Cobalt Technology Services leads the way in developing custom-built software applications and provides the most cost effective solution for your business.

Development Model

All organizations must utilize software applications specifically created for their market place. Cobalt Technology Services serves the market with cutting edge technology, expertise and an engaging business-to-business approach, where your objectives and expectations are understood and prioritized.

Extended Software Development Team

If your organization already has an internal software development team and you are looking to work on a unique project with more resources or continue working 'business as usual' but a quality third party - Cobalt Technology's extended software development team will fulfil your organizational needs.

In the global market place, with highly sought after staff being 'poached', recruitment difficult and expensive or just finding and training the correct people to the proper standard – coupled with the need for greater flexibility and scalability – we are a safe option that can mitigate the risk and partner successfully with your organization.

Offshore Development

Due to our team's vast range of industry knowledge and experience, we will quicklu be able to understand your business objectives and will work as a single team with your existing internal development team. It will be as though they have always worked with you! So, if you are looking to mitigate risk, save time and money with the ability to be flexible and scalable in the market, then engaging one of our extended software development teams will be the correct option for you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our team.